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Spring 2018 Stem Cell Seminar Series

Spring 2015 Stem Cell Seminar Series

Applied Stem Cell Seminar: Genome Editing using CRISPR and TARGATT

Winter 2015 Lunch  Seminar Series-CMDB 225

eBioscience Seminar: Detect RNA using branch DNA technology to multiplex and image

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Spring 2014 Stem Cell Seminar Series

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CellASIC-EMD Millipore Seminar

Title: Live Stem Cell Imaging with Microfluidics link

Winter 2014 Lunch Seminar Series

Winter 2014 Lunch Seminar Series

January 17

Terry-Ann Milford (Payne Lab)

January 24

Linh Vuong (Sladek Lab) - The Role of HNF4a in Cellular Proliferation (in colon cancer and mouse embryonic stem cells)

January 31

Keller (zur Nieden Lab) – Wnt5a supports osteogenic lineage decisions in embryonic stem cells through inhibition of LEF/TCF/CatnB via PKC and CamKII

February 7

Ronela Tavoc (Soto Lab) – Stem Cell Migration

February 14

Maricela Maldonado (Nam lab) - Directing lineage-specific differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells using nanofibrous scaffolds

February 21

*Daniel Nampe (Tsutsui lab) – The Impact of Stirred Dynamic Suspension on Culturing Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

(This seminar has been postponed for the Spring Session)

February 28

Xiao Yang (Ghosh Lab) – Regenerative Approaches Towards Efficient Neovascularization

March 7

*Nikki Weng (Talbot Lab) – “Hyperblebbing” in Human Embryonic Stem Cells

(This seminar has been postponed for the Spring Session)

March 14

Tania Fuentes (Kearns-Jonker Lab)

Location: Genomics Auditorium Time: 1-2PM

Winter 2013 Lunch Seminar Series

Winter 2013 Lunch Seminar Series

January 11

Dr. Kim Payne - Expression of the IL-7 Receptor Alpha Identifies an Ex Vivo-Generated Human Common Lymphoid Progenitor in Cord Blood Lymphopoiesis

January 18

Dr. Xiaobing Zhang – The Extreme Makeover of Blood

January 25

Aaron Cipriano (Liu lab) - In vitro Degradation and Cytocompatibility of Magnesium-Zinc-Strontium Alloys with Human Embryonic Stem Cells

February 1

Maricela Maldonado (Nam lab) - Modulation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Functions by Nanofibrous Scaffolds

February 8

Rachel Behar (Talbot lab) – Identification of Toxicants in Cinnamon Flavored Electronic Cigarette Refill Fluids

February 15

Daniel Nampe (Tsutsui lab) – Optimizing Shear Stress Conditions for the Fate of hPSCs

February 22

Thanh Nguyen (Liu lab) - Supplemental Dosages of Magnesium Ions Altered Human Embryonic Stem Cell Morphology while Retaining Pluripotency

March 1

Dr. Ubaldo Soto – Crosstalk Between Normal and Cancer Stem Cells

March 8

Tiffany Satoorian and Darcie McClelland (zur Nieden lab) – Glucose and Stem Cell Identity

Location: Genomics Auditorium     Time: 1-2PM

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